Yarn Dyeing

From more than 16 years of business, we’ve partnered with our customers to understand their needs. Our yarns are engineered to optimize performance and cost for every vertical we serve. Innovation is at the core of our business. We don’t just follow existing trends, we create them. We manufacture and supply Yarn Dyeing under the name of Shivam Dye Cott.

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We have created several new products, that have set popular trends in the market since 16 years. Quality is at the core of our reputation, competitiveness, profitability and future success. Delivering quality is at the center of every decision we make at Shivam. We recognize that high quality is main aspect that determines whether our customers will come back.
Our state-of-the-art technology comprises of world’s renowned machinery manufacturers such as Fongs, Stalam and Gofront.

We make a variety of Yarn Dyed such as

  • 100% Bamboo Yarns.
  • 100% cotton yarn dyed including Bleaching.
  • 100% polyester yarn Dyed.
  • 100% viscose yarn Dyed.
  • 100% Cotton melange yarn Dyed.
  • 100% polyester melange yarn Dyed.
  • Cotton/Viscose yarn Dyed.
  • Cotton/Polyester yarn Dyed.
  • 100% Cotton Sulfur yarn Dyed.
  • And Many more to come.