OverPick Plain Looms

The Legacy of Shivam Group began 38 Years ago, with just 100 over pick plain looms. Our home was our first Workplace.


The foundation of Shivam Sizing & adding 2 more sizing units.

In 1986, with upgrading technologies, and flourishing business with our great quality, we replaced plain looms by Ruti C Looms.

In 1995 The foundation of Shivam Sizing was laid, and we started with our sizing vertical.


Yarn Dyeing & Book Binding Verticals Founded

In 2002, two majors foundations were layed in the name of Shivam Dye Cott & Shiv Shakti Cottplast.

With adding more verticals, we started with Yarn Dyeing and manufacturing of book binding cloth.


Ginning Unit Founded

An important foundation of Somnath Ginning was layed and the journey of Ginning unit began.


Foundation of Patidar CotSpin

We started our spinning unit with 12000m kg/day capacity with name of Patidar Potspin Pvt Ltd


Foundation of Shivom Enterprises Pty Ltd

In Australia we started Shivom Enterprises Pty Ltd with brand name Saurbhi for Indian spices.



Foundation of Rushi Exim

We established Rushi Exim Pvt Ltd for fabric and yarn supply for exports across the globe.


Foundation of Translink Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

In the field of Infrastructure we founded Translink Infrastructure Pvt Ltd for highway and bridge designing.


Foundation of Patidar Exports

The foundation of Patidar Exports Pvt Ltd was laid for supplying raw cotton and Indian spices in exports market


Foundation of Innvonix Technologies LLP

In the field of Information Technology, we founded Innvonix Technologies LLP for Software, App & Web Development services.


Foundation of Shiv Shakti Tradelink Pvt Ltd

The foundation of Shiv Shakti Tradelink Pvt Ltd. was laid to start our Weaving Unit with the Latest Technology


A Major upgrade to Karl Mayer Sizing

With fully automatic Karl Mayer sizing we updated our sizing unit with world class technology.


A Major upgrade to Fongs & Stalam Machine

We upgraded our dyeing unit with latest technology of Fongs and Stalam machines to increase our capacity of dyed yarns.